Made's Bedroom

Rooms for My Viewers #2

Here are the rooms I’ve built & furnished for my viewers last 22. Aug. 2015:

4. Litzy9157
– a chic bedroom with light blue & purple color scheme


5. Made0397
– a modern/cozy bedroom with blue & white color scheme. I made a small booboo here. I should’ve used a normal blue shade instead of the light blue. I might re-do this room in the future.

Made's Bedroom

6. GirlyGamerll
– a pink, childish-girly bedroom.

Girly Bedroom

7. Howdy_Simmer
– a gaming bedroom with black, red & dark blue color scheme.

Howdy's Bedroom

8. Ginger2Spice04
– a comfy, hang-out area of a basement with a bar, hot tub & TV area with a black & red color scheme.

Ginger's Basement

All rooms are available for download in my Sims Gallery (EA account id: MalayaGH)

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