Rooms for My Viewers #1

Yesterday (Saturday, 16. Aug. 2015), was my 1st ever “Build a Viewer’s Room Saturday. I really had fun doing it. Had some new building inspiration that made the building enjoyable. Had some awesome viewers and some nice room concepts.

My first room is requested by my husband Poni or a.k.a. SomeBull on Twitch. He requested for a living room filled with clutter. In short a “hoarder” room. He has some specific requests. It’s my first time to build a room like this one. So I had lots of fun. In the end, he was satisfied with the outcome.


My 1st ever “hoarded” living room 🙂

The 2nd room request that I got is a modern bedroom for a girl. This is requested by, Skylynn1998. This is were I tried using kitchen overhead cabinets as an entertainment console/divider thingie. I was really excited to try this technique. Since, I’ve been lacking “inspiration” in some of my Sim-builds. I saw this style/technique in the Sims gallery. And I thought, I should give it a try.

Bedroom with a Modern Vibe

Girl’s bedroom with white & light blue color scheme

I initially got 4 room requests. But I was only able to finish 3. The 3rd one is from a Filipino viewer & follower. I’m also looking forward to this one. Of course, I’m all for building rooms for Filipinos like me. 😀 This room is requested by JustaRAMdomdude or Ram. He wanted a bedroom/”mancave” fit for a streamer.

Bedroom/Man cave

A room with pink & purple accents

I have to say, yesterday was a success (building-wise). I know 3 rooms for 4 hours is too little. But I really, put a lot of thought into these rooms and I want the room “owners” to be happy with the finished room. Plus, I talk a lot to the people in my chat/stream, so that also takes up some of the time. But I’m more than happy to do it.

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  1. Poni says:

    I really like that Hoarder Sim Room :D. Nice one! Could be a bit more clutter tho!

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