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*Warning: This post is somehow Twitch-related; just in case you’re tired of reading posts about Twitch 🙂

I’ve learned one major lesson on streaming, I want to blog about it, but I chose not to go into detail about it anymore. It made me sad, tensed and stressed. But I’m happy, that I handled it the mature way and now that I am passed it, I am happier and more confident when I stream.

I am really happy when I stream, and that is because of my awesome viewers & followers, they make my chat so interesting and because of that I don’t ran out of topics to talk about. I’m really having a good time.

I am a simple person, and I really mean that. You can see that on my stream. I don’t have any bots, don’t have any fancy overlays, I don’t wear make-up (I do fix my hair though) and none of the fancy-schmancy add-ons. Well, I’ve been just streaming for 2-3 weeks. But definitely, in the future I’m going to do some improvements and tweak the visual aspect of my stream. But for now, I just really want to get to know and interact with my viewers & followers.

I’m also, a “stick to one” kind of girl. 🙂 I’m 30 and I kind of know what I want (actually, I know what I want). I’m pretty much open to trying other games, but I stick to my main loves: The Sims, Nancy Drew & a bunch of cooking/time management and hidden object games. 🙂

But, here’s a list of the stuff that I want to try:
– Prison Architect
– Borderlands
And somehow, Minecraft. I really don’t like how it looks, but I’ll give it a quick try.

So there you go, just some of my random thoughts. I actually, have a lot but they’re for another blog post. 🙂

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  1. Jamie lee gray says:

    Hi Malaya, I love your blogg would love to start a blogg of my own but really don’t know how to start. I love reading about other people, their intrests and everything else about them. I started following you on twitch. My name is Jamiegray61. I find your site about sims, very watchable because your a lovely person and very friendly to everyone. Your sim room designs are really good. I love the sims and like you started playing the very first sims upto the sims4. I play lots of different games as well. Sorry, I know that this is a bit more than a comment, I get carried away. Lol. Jamie.

    • Malaya says:

      Hi Jamie! 🙂 Thank you so much for taking the time reading my blog & following me on Twitch. Nothing to be sorry about. I love reading comments and getting to know people I meet on Twitch. I struggled in the beginning too. Because I don’t know how to start, because it can get overwhelming. If you really want to do it, just do it and everything else will follow. 😀 I’ll love to check it out once you have your blog. And yes, I LOVE Sims and it’s always nice to meet a fellow Simmer. 🙂

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