Sims Backstories

Livin’ Life To The Max – Bonnie Belle Carmen

Livin' Life To The Max Challenge Bonnie-Belle Carmen - The Widowed Elder Bonnie-Belle is in her mid-late 60's. She got recently widowed. She married her 7th serious boyfriend, Clive. During her younger years she have lived a somehow "wild" lifestyle and had more than her fair share of tumultuous relationships. She settled with Clive because he accepted her colorful past.…read more

My 24-Hour Twitch Stream

My 24-hour Twitch stream, will be tomorrow Saturday, July 11 2015! Last 08. July 2015, marked my 1st whole month of streaming at Twitch. During that first month, I had a 100 followers-giveaway. Now, I have more than 400 followers and more than 3,000 views. I'm pretty happy about that. But more than the followers and views, I'm very happy…read more

Slum Book

When I was around 8-12 years old, slum books or autograph books are a big thing in school. They're basically a notebook that has cute designs with all sorts of questions in it. The questions are more of the "getting-to-know" kind of questions. I was always excited to get to write in one of them. Now, that I've been streaming…read more

Recent Random Thoughts

*Warning: This post is somehow Twitch-related; just in case you're tired of reading posts about Twitch :) I've learned one major lesson on streaming, I want to blog about it, but I chose not to go into detail about it anymore. It made me sad, tensed and stressed. But I'm happy, that I handled it the mature way and now…read more

My 100 Followers Giveaway Winner

First here, are the entries (they're not that many :D) : The giveaway started last 19. June 2015 afternoon (Central European Time), as soon as I've hit the 100 followers mark. If you followed the instructions on the Rafflecopter widget, then you've earned yourself an entry. This morning, Rafflecopter chose a random winner: Congratulations Leah! :) My next giveaway is…read more