My Viewers as Sims

Ultimate Housemates #25

Karoline's Outfits
Here are my viewers' Sims I created last 25. October 2015: 1. Jakegomes01 He requested for a Sim version of his friend. 2. The_ender_dragon_is_boss 3. Kvroline 4. Meganfab4life 5. Redgiepoppy1234 6. Theminecraftjag337 He gave me a vague description, so I just followed my instincts and worked with what I have :) 7. rainbowmurder2 8. Kejserlskerlady1 I had fun creating these…read more
My Viewers' Rooms

Rooms for My Viewers #9

reading room
Here are my viewers' rooms that I've built last October 10, 2015: 29. GeekGirlsSkynet I really liked building this one. I like the concept plus I really like Michelle, she's nice & I feel like she's a genuine person. :) 30. Cyndaquilmouse I also like this one. It's simple but elegant, in my opinion. 31. mishoorakov All rooms can be…read more
Sims Backstories

The Love Nest / The Shed

The wedding invitation came first before the engagement. The first kiss happened on the 1st attempt, so is the wedding proposal. This is indeed a match made in heaven. :) The wedding have happened. The wedding party was a success (according to the game) :D Keala and Niko are now married. The wedding theme is pink & white. The wedding…read more