Winter Looming

Female Scarf
Yesterday, on my stream I've started knitting a scarf using a knitting loom. That was my 2nd time using a knitting loom. I've already knitted a scarf for Poni late last year. My knitting loom has 24 pegs (I think). I only used 12 pegs for this one. Looking at it now, how I wish I used 8. The scarf…read more
Cooking, Personal

New Year’s Eve

New Year!
Last year I've spent New Year's Eve in the plane, on my way to the Philippines. I think I landed an hour after midnight and have spent a good 45 minutes to an hour getting my passport stamped and waiting for my luggage at the carousel. I got picked up by my sister-in-law and the driver. It was between 1-2…read more

A Special Twitch Friend

Christmas Tree
Charles!!! I've met Charles when I just started streaming on Twitch, around June 2015. He's a really nice person and as I've gotten to know him, he is also a very good family man, a voracious gamer and a Lego collector plus more! :D I love sending and receiving snail mails. I've sent him a birthday card and a postcard…read more

Christmas 2015

We usually spend Christmas or New Year up in the air, travelling to the Philippines. This year, like last year we've spent it here in Germany. We're not big Christmas people. We don't decorate, exchange gifts and all that. When I was young of course, I was really always excited. For me Christmas means family, so once I see my…read more

Free Trial Haul Review

I think, I did this last month (November). They are a couple of products that I've purchased and have a sticker that it's a free-trial (gratis testen in German) product. You purchase the product and then you send them an e-mail or mail with a picture of the receipt and your bank details and the company will reimburse you for…read more

Update! :D

Hello everyone! :) I have been M.I.A. from my blog for some time. I've been working on a bunch of things. And didn't really have enough time to devote on my blog. I've been working on a bunch of things: our business, YouTube channel, personal issues, BerryRaccoon streams, poker career, trying to maintain personal relationships & being a housewife. That's…read more
My Viewers' Rooms

Rooms for My Viewers #12

Lindy's room
Here are my viewers' room I've built last 31. October & 01. November 2015: 38. Flawless_Star A bedroom/study room with comfortable colors. A room fit for an artist. I am not sure, if I used the right colors for this one. In my perspective, comfortable colors are neutral hues, beige, creams, colors that are easy on the eyes. I don't…read more