Monday Motivation

https://youtu.be/Q-8hOKNbtxg Where do I begin with this? :D I have to say that this is one of the best movie montages EVER! :D It is motivating, funny and mind-boggling all at the same time. Dolph looks like a human Ken doll. The side by side training comparison is so good. Everything about it is so good! The Training Montage song…read more
TV Series

Vikings Season 4

*This post may contain some spoilers I think the more appropriate title for this post is: "How Rollo Pissed Me Off So Bad?!" After Game of Thrones, I was quite hesitant to watch Vikings. We've been watching Vikings since it started. I am not really into epic, fantasy, costume clad-series or movies. But I was having Sons of Anarchy withdrawals since…read more

Thirty Two

forced cake
*First off, this post is not a brag post or anything like that Unlike, most people I get excited to turn a year older. I know, a lot of people dread it when their ages are not on the calendar anymore. For me, I see it as another year alive and another year of trying to make things happen. And…read more

A Savaged Pear

bite marks
This is a pretty silly and short post :D Yesterday, we've spent the whole day in our house in the woods. I should've taken photos of our house in the woods since it was really nice yesterday, but unfortunately, I have terrible tree pollen allergy yesterday. I've been sneezing the whole day, my nose dripping like a broken faucet and…read more