Malaya Reads…

My book section has 2 categories: Reading & Hoffmann Books. Under Reading, you will read about the book/s that I am currently reading and what I think about the book, etc. Under Hoffmann Books, it'll be about our books, including the Happy Husband Series that I wrote. And generally, it's a section about books. I love reading and I collect…read more

Lazy Saturday

Weekends are always lazy for me. I got lazy with the blogging. Well, not really. I write something everyday (the old fashioned way). As I've said before I like writing with pen and paper. Now I have a backlog of blog topics to post and write about. I will be making more effort to post something everyday. Today, is laundry…read more

Fruit Salad Addiction

If you're one of my friends in FB, you might have noticed that I'm posting fruit salad photos quite often. I was not really a fruit eater. But since I'm trying to lose some weight that I gained from our vacation, I decided to use fruits as meal replacement. And at the same time help Toni with his chocolate addiction.…read more

Flea Market Experience/s

We started selling our stuff (mostly Toni's stuff) late last year in flea markets. We were about to move in a much smaller place. The house that we were living in before has 2 stories. We have 2 upstairs room and a toilet. Downstairs, we have a living room, dining room and kitchen. In the basement, we have a storage…read more

Garden Update

It's been more than a week now since we planted our "seedz" and no visible sprouts yet. This is quite alarming for me. Because I might have jinxed their growth. I am still hoping though. I guess, I have to do some researching on how long do these seeds need before they start to sprout.   Ever since I started…read more