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I have been searching for a Sims Challenge to stream. I’ve tried the 4 Immortal Sisters challenge but I find it kind of morbid. My attention span for Sims Challenges while streaming is short, so I’m in the lookout for a challenge that is doable, interesting and fun.

Sims 4 challenges-wise, I’ve only been successful with one. It’s called the Red.Neck Arkateck Challenge. It’s a building challenge. I’ve started and finished this challenge on stream. I had a lot of fun doing this challenge. If you want to see my finished lot, you can look me up on the Sims/Origin gallery: MalayaGH

I tend to avoid “live mode” on Sims 4 when I’m streaming. I tend to get bored easily, when I’m streaming “live mode”.  I’ve searched the internet and came across the Livin’ Life To The Max Challenge. I find it very interesting. It is something that fits my challenges criteria. I don’t like morbid stuff when it comes to my Sims challenges. I don’t want harming other Sims in purpose like with the 4 Immortal Sisters challenge wherein you have to feed other Sims to a Cow Plant. The 100-Baby Challenge wherein you have to “make a baby” all the time. I am streaming on Twitch and that’s pretty much the only time I play Sims 4. And I have some young viewers and I don’t think I’m at the liberty to explain the “birds & the bees” to them. So I try to stay away from challenges that are more adult-themed.

I’ve been playing this challenge for 2 days on stream, and I have to say I don’t feel bored and I’m actually enjoying it. It has some realistic aspects and I like how it focuses on an elder. If you want more details regarding this challenge just click here.

I also wrote a short backstory about my elder Sim. And will work on her day-to-day progress and will post them here as a part of some sort of a story arc.

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