My Love for Rene Requiestas (And Some of My Favorite Filipino Movies)

I am sad that Rene Requiestas is not here anymore. As a child growing up in the Philippines, there are a few movies that I remember watching and I really like. Rene Requiestas’ movies are definitely among them. For me, he’s funny not because of the way he looks but the way he is. Regardless of who he was teamed up with in the Pido Dida movies, I still like watching them, because of him. I know, how cheesy, corny those movies can be. But I like them. They’re easy, they make me laugh.

pido dida

source: Wikipedia

Whenever I’m in the Philippines I surf the Filipino movie cable channels, just to check if they have any of his movies playing. I often catch Michael & Madonna and Starzan. Oh well, I miss watching his movies.

I have to admit, that I do love watching some tagalog movies from the 80’s and 90’s. That’s it. For me anything made after those decades does not entice me at all. It’s just too pretentious for me. No offense to people who love that stuff.

I love the bad movie effects, the bad chroma key they used. It’s funny, I like it. I remember watching Jack & Jill (Sharon Cuneta & Herbert Bautista), Pasan Ko Ang Daigdig (Sharon “Lupe” Cuneta) whipping his stepdad with a “latigo”. Come on! That’s gold! Someone is making “latigo” a dude who totally deserves it. The movies in the Philippines today are not like this anymore.

Besides Rene Requiestas’ movies, I also like watching (to pass time and make me laugh) are Andrew E.’s early 90’s movies like: Pitong Gamol, Andrew Ford Medina, Alabang Girls, Mahirap Maging Pogi, Ikaw Ang Miss Universe Ng Buhay Ko, and all of his movies where they go to the beach have a dance number, go to a deserted warehouse and have an epic fight scene, and the movies usually stars: Denis Padilla, Jaano Gibbs, Herbert Bautista, Raffy Rodriguez, Dale Villar or Patrick Guzman (only one english-speaking dude per movie, complete with an American accent), Nino Muhlach, Gelli De Belen and Ruby Rodriguez. The movies are so formulaic but they work for me. They make me laugh. And they don’t make movies like these anymore.

Here are some of my real favorites (in random order):
1. Shake, Rattle & Roll II (1990)
“Aswang” episode
This scared me. I was a child I think when I first saw this movie. The type where in you sleep with the blanket over your head and you don’t care if you’re profusely sweating because you’re just shit scared. This is good. It scared me and at the same Manilyn Reynes’ character is smart. She’s able to show ingenuity (what a word to use) by switching the tainted tea to save herself. I don’t want to spoil it too much 😀 I watched this one over and over again. Specially around Halloween. I did bought the original VCD (video compact disc) for this movie and I really don’t care about the 2 other episodes.

2. Eskapo: The Serge Osmena-Geny Lopez Story (1995)
This movie will give you a glimpse of how it was during the Martial Law. I was captivated by this film. Not because there are 2 members of the group called “Guwapings” in this movie, but of the story. How they planned, how they escaped. It is really good.


source: starcinema/abs-cbn

3. Patayin Sa Sindak Si Barbara (1995)
I hate horror/scary movies, I don’t know why I always end up watching them. This one is also really good. It scared, entertained me and who did not get creeped out by the medium’s assistant? 😀 I like this movie. Dawn is super creepy! Go watch it! 😀


source: wikipedia

4. Serbis (Service) (2008)
This is the first (so far the only) Filipino indie film that I’ve watched. It is shot in the city where I grew up. And the Family Theater (where they shot the movie) is a place that I always pass by but never got to get inside. It is nice to see how it looks inside. I remember I was 4-5 years old with my mom inside the jeepney, we often pass by that place and even walk in front of it, but never knew how it looked inside. As a child, the curiosity just kills you. 😀 I got to see the movie, and it was dingy inside. And that’s what I suspected as a child. There’s some weird smell coming from there whenever we pass by, like fried fish and the oil they used is really old and rancid. Anyhow, I got sidetracked. I like Jacklyn Jose and I like the movie’s simplicity, how they dealt with the “pigsa” or boil and how they spoke kapampangan, my mother tongue.


source: IMDb

Roller Boys
When roller blades were hot in the Philippines. So let’s make a movie about them. 😀 I don’t know, this movie is silly AF. But I did watch it more than twice. I guess, I can relate with the bullying. As a child together with some of my playmates we got bullied by teenagers just because we are younger than them and they can bully and scare us (this is another golden blog post) 😀

roller blades

source: pinoyexchange.com

Huwag Mong Buhayin Ang Bangkay
Charito Solis is such a great actress! And this movie kind of terrorized me.


source: letterboxd.com

Shake Rattle and Roll III
Undin!!!!! 😀 If you saw this you know what an undin is 😀 And the Janice De Belen and Gina Alajar episode is scary and I wonder what kind of soup Armida Siguion-Reyna prepared. It just made me want to have some soup whenever I watch that scene.


source: pikuchas.blogspot

Anak Ng Demonyo
I just can’t get over Ian Veneracion’s bad movie make up. It looked like they smothered his face with Elmer’s Glue (yes, it can’t be just any other glue for me) 😀 and you know when a hair salon is preparing to close, they sweep all of the hair on the floor? They took a handful of that hair and threw it on Ian’s face, and pressed the hair so it’ll stick on the glue so he will look like the devil’s son, this is my motivating factor why I watched this movie more than twice 😀

elmer's glue

source: mubi.com

Ok, so far these are what stood up from my memory, and there are rare times when these movies crosses my mind and make me want to watch them again. I do love my Will Ferrell movies, all that funny stuff but there’s a part of me that will always love these kind of movies. No hate against the new movies they have in the Philippines these days, they’re just not for me.

You can call me jologs now, 😀 And I have no shame about it 😀

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