My 2 Years “In The Making” Blog

I love writing/journaling. If you want to make me happy, just give me a journal. I’d rather write (with pen and paper) than blog. Toni, is the one who encouraged me to blog, that’s why he gave me this domain:

He wanted to register or .net, but they were already taken. So he ended up registering he also has his own, and the one that he’s really active at: (his poker blog).

It took me 2+ years to really start blogging. I want to have a pretty/nice looking blog. But I’m quite indecisive. I tried making it on my own using Artisteer and Pixelmator, but the designs that I made look very amateur (well, I’m an amateur :D). Then, Toni advised me to buy a ready-made one. I tried, but there are a lot of really nice ones. And I can’t really decide. I ended-up using this WP theme for the meantime, until I can finally decide what to really get. And I’m still trying to figure-out how this whole thing works (blog set-up, what to write, etc.)

The reason why I decided to blog, is to post my recipes. That a lot of my friends are asking me for. Instead of e-mailing them one by one, might as well post the recipes on my blog. But now, I wrote 3 cook books, that are on sale at Amazon right now. I will still post those “most asked” recipes of mine here.

That’s it for now. I will try though to post something everyday. If someone even reads this. 😀


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