LLTTM* Challenge Update

*Livin’ Life To The Max

As I’ve mentioned in my previous blog post, I’ve started doing the “Livin’ Life to the Max” challenge. And like with every Sims Challenges, there are goals that you have to accomplish to be able to “conquer/win” the challenge. Here are the things that I have to make my elder Sim do to fullfill this challenge (date indicated if my elder Sim have accomplished it):

  • Fishing= 8 points (accomplished 07. Aug. 2015)

– catch 6 fish & mount them for display on your Sims’s wall.

  • Gardening= 20 points

– reach a minimum of 6 magnificent plants or better from evolving them

– graft 5 new plants

– has to be different plant species

  • Painting= 6 points (accomplished 08. Aug. 2015)

– paint at least 1 good or better painting from each medium in a mix of sizes

– one excellent or masterpiece in any of the mediums

– display the paintings on your Sim’s walls

  • Move in a friend= 6 points

– to help with your Sim’s goals

  • Cooking= 15 points

– cook 4 excellent meals 1 from breakfast, brunch, lunch & dinner

– 6 gourmet meals

– 3 baked goods

– all meals must be different

  • Writing= 6 points

– purchase a computer

– write & self-published 6 different genre books

  • Fitness= 5 points

– reach level 4 fitness

  • Make minimum of 5 friends= 10 points

– one from each category; child, teen, young adult, adult & elder

  • Photography= 8 points

– take 6 selfies in each category of outfit

– a picture with each friend

– 11 pictures in total

  • Go on Vacation= 1 point
  • Collectables= 15 points

– 3 crystals, 3 frogs, breed 2, 3 fossils, 3 metals, 3 sim trophies

– all need to be different species or types

– display them so you can take a picture to share in the story

Those are all the goals! I’ve kind of slacked with the obtaining the potion of youth. But I got it now. I’ve only fully accomplished 2 of the goals. I have a few that are a work in progress:

– Gardening: I’ve planted 4 plants/trees. I’ve been evolving them regularly. I think they’re all “very nice quality” as of now.

– Cooking: I’m still missing brunch, and haven’t done the gourmet & baking yet.

– Writing: I’ve finished and self-published 2 books; children’s book & a short story book.

– Friends: I still have to make a child & a teen friend.

– Photography: I’ve took 3 photos with each of the friends my Sim made.

– Collectables: I have 1 of each: crystal, frog and metal. They’re neatly displayed on a display rack.

I think, I’ll be playing this heavily off stream. Since, I need to focus as my elder sim has limited time. And when I stream I get easily distracted by my chat. Because yeah, I love to “blah blah”.

There are so many goals. I’m not used to time managing my sim. So let’s see how I’ll pan out with this challenge. 😀

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