Livin’ Life To The Max – Bonnie Belle Carmen

Livin’ Life To The Max Challenge
Bonnie-Belle Carmen – The Widowed Elder

Bonnie-Belle Carmen

Bonnie-Belle is in her mid-late 60’s. She got recently widowed. She married her 7th serious boyfriend, Clive. During her younger years she have lived a somehow “wild” lifestyle and had more than her fair share of tumultuous relationships.

She settled with Clive because he accepted her colorful past. Clive has a health condition that didn’t allowed the two to have any children.

BB (Bonnie-Belle) is estranged from her family for years. She haven’t had any contact with her parents and 4 siblings.

Now, that she’s all alone again and don’t have much to start with. She’s trying to pick up the pieces, start fresh and live a sustainable and fulfilling lifestyle. She didn’t have a lot of savings because Clive had left her a bunch of hospital bills. BB has to sell their house and move to a much smaller house in a different town.

BB's house

BB’s house

BB decided to move away from anyone who knows her and start from scratch. Meeting new people and making new memories, is what she desires now that she’s nearing her “twilight” years.

She have set up some goals that she has to finish before she leaves…for good.

Follow BB as she accomplishes all her goals from her list. 🙂

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