Garden Update

It’s been more than a week now since we planted our “seedz” and no visible sprouts yet. This is quite alarming for me. Because I might have jinxed their growth. I am still hoping though. I guess, I have to do some researching on how long do these seeds need before they start to sprout.


  • Ever since I started working on our lawn/garden I’ve had had 6 ticks. Yes, the kind that dogs have in the Philippines. The kind that can get so fat fast from sucking blood from its host. I got so alarmed. I never had one. When Toni goes to the Philippines for vacation, he always asked me to give him a “Tick Check”. He used to live in a garden house and he said that there are a lot of ticks there. I got 1, it was so fat. Like really fat. But the 6 that I had are quite skinny. Good for them! I was able to discover them before they got the chance to get fat. 3 of them though were on me overnight. And they’re so itchy once I plucked them off of me. Bottom line is, TICKS are scary.
  • Saw 3 small snakes (at least that’s what I thought they were). 2 dead and 1 slithering with it’s tongue out and hissing. I got so creeped out. Toni told me to search for them online and I found out that they’re not really snakes. They’re actually lizards also referred to as Slow Worm or Blind Worm and they’re not venomous.
  • I’m feeding 2 fat pigeons, bunch of cute & colorful birds, a red squirrel and unfortunately the nasty, common black bird too. I’m teaching the common blackbird though. We have a bird-feeder and I fill it up regularly with premium bird seeds. For 3 times in a row the common blackbird empties our bird feeder in purpose. I feel kind of bad, because the other cute-colorful birds have to suffer too. I might fill up the bird feeder again next week.
  • Our lawn is abundant with giant snails. Like very big ones. I’m kind of considering cooking them. I like to eat snails. I kind of feel bad at the same time. Whenever I see snails on the road where they can get killed, I go out of my way to “save” them by putting them somewhere they can be safe. I also “save” slugs. I know, they’re considered pests here. I feel bad for them though. They’re harmless, slow and slimy.
  • We live in the forest. Our house is actually a weekend/garden house. On our right side we don’t have any neighbors. It’s just a forest patch full of trees. Since spring began, I kept on hearing a bird chirping for a good 10 minutes 3-4 times a day. Cuckoo, cuckoo, cuckoo. Like a Cuckoo Clock. I’ve heard a cuckoo clock when I was a child. I thought I was the only one hearing it. So I asked Toni, if he can hears it too. And he does. I guess, they’re spring birds


I guess, this is more than an update. What have you been up to these days? Let me know by leaving a comment. 🙂

Who would not thought that this creature is NOT a snake?

Who would not thought that this creature is NOT a snake?


This is our 1st garden patch for “wild” flowers.



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