Fruit Salad Addiction

If you’re one of my friends in FB, you might have noticed that I’m posting fruit salad photos quite often. I was not really a fruit eater. But since I’m trying to lose some weight that I gained from our vacation, I decided to use fruits as meal replacement. And at the same time help Toni with his chocolate addiction. Fruits are great alternative for sweets.

I’ve made quite a lot of batches of fruit salad already. Trying out which fruits work/taste great together. Now, I must say that a good fruit salad fills me up quite good. And with Toni, he still has some chocolate cravings but he really loves the fruit salad and asks for it whenever we have some.

A big bowl of fruit salad lasts 2 days. We eat it as often as we want. I eat it for breakfast, dinner and snack. Toni eats it for dessert and snack.

I have a staple fruit selection and I add in any fruit that is in season. Like right now, berries, peaches and apricots are in season.

Here are my staple fruits:

– Pear
– Apple
– Orange
– Kiwi
– Melon
– Grapes (I prefer green and seedless)
– Grapefruit (I try to stay away from it now. Because it’s too juicy)

These fruits are available all the time in the groceries in our area.

Here are the fruits that I add when they’re available:

– Mango
– Peach
– Apricot
– Raspberry
– Blueberry
– Strawberry

I try to stay away from juicy fruits. Because “juicy” fruit salad doesn’t taste good if you store it for quite some time. It will eventually ferment and taste like bad wine. I used to slice grapes, but that adds up to the juice so I leave them whole. And I always add the fruits that can get squished easily last, like raspberries.

Here’s my fruit salad recipe:

2 pears, washed, dried and cut into big cubes
1 apple, washed, cored, dried and cut into big cubes
1/2 of a melon, seeded, peeled and cut into chunks
2 oranges, peeled, cleaned and cut into chunks
2 kiwis, peeled, and cut into big cubes
Grapes, washed
1 mango, peeled, cut into big cubes
5 peaches, peeled and cut into big cubes
5 apricots, peeled and cut into big cubes
1 cup or 1 handful raspberries, washed and dried thoroughly
1 cup or 1 handful blueberries, washed and dried thoroughly
2 handfuls strawberries, washed and quartered

Mix gently all the fruits in a big bowl. Try to use a wooden or plastic spoon. As to not bruise the fruits too much. Chill in the fridge before serving.

You can add some bananas if you want, add in your yogurt or cereals for breakfast.

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