Flea Market Experience/s

We started selling our stuff (mostly Toni’s stuff) late last year in flea markets. We were about to move in a much smaller place. The house that we were living in before has 2 stories. We have 2 upstairs room and a toilet. Downstairs, we have a living room, dining room and kitchen. In the basement, we have a storage room, under the stairs storage and a bathroom with a tub. Outside we have a garden and a tool shed plus an under the house storage. We have so much storage space for all our stuff. And all those storages are occupied. Considering we’re only 2 people living in that house. And before moving there, we have sorted through all Toni’s stuff, to throw or give away. To minimize the “junk” that we’re bringing to the new house.

Now, that we have moved here in our own place, storage space is a really BIG problem for us. Our house is way smaller. But 2 good things are: we don’t pay rent anymore and we don’t have to pay any house loan.

To the flea market we go.

Our livelihood is basically on the internet. We do all sorts of online “work”. I used to work for a company before here. But now, like Toni I’m also a self-employed “inter-preneur”. 🙂 I admit and I’m not lying when I say my German is bad. Like really bad. I will go out of the topic here and say this: I hate it when Filipinos who can speak German say, “I can’t speak German, my German is bad… and all that chuva-chu-chu” and when you hear them they can fluently speak German and all their FB posts are in German with flawless grammar. Own up to it, and be proud. Don’t pretend to be humble because it is really out of placed.

One hurdle for me, when we started selling our stuff in the flea market is: How can I bargain with Germans?

I am a bad sales person. I like shopping and I always put myself into the position of the shopper. I always end up giving a low price. And Toni is upset about that. Strictly no bargaining for me. I stick to the prices Toni have set-up on all our stuff. And I just call him when someone wants to haggle. I’m pretty amazed on how good of a sales person Toni is and how good he is with talking to people. I’m not saying this because he’s my husband or anything.

When it’s not too busy. We make fun of shoppers who are just out there to spend some money. Like, they won’t come back to their houses unless they have bought something even if it’s something that they don’t need or already have. Well, that’s good for us (people who are selling their stuff). We usually walk around the halls and check out what other people are selling. I have been to 5-6 flea markets and never purchased anything for myself. I was close to buying an old typewriter. It was really nice, well I feel bad now that I didn’t buy it. It was €30.00. Now, the next time I see one and if it’s less than €20.00, I will definitely buy it.

Our last flea market was 2 weeks ago in Halle (hour away from here). And I purchased some stuff. My first purchase is an “Anne Geddes Birthdate Book”. It was for a euro. And I haggled for the 1st time. The nice man gave it to me for .50 cents. I was also eyeing a few Matroshkas (Russian Nesting Dolls). Toni used to have one, but it’s incomplete. And he was able to sell it. Found one, that I really like. It doesn’t look like the usual Matroshkas I saw in the flea market with flowers. It looks like a watermelon or a strawberry. The seller priced it €2 and Toni haggled. So I got it for €1.

Toni also bought an antique cute sign. He really wanted it. But waited till the last minute. It was for €10. And he was able to get it for €6. He was really happy about it. We’ll have it framed and hang it in our house eventually.

The Anne Geddes Birthdate Book and the Russian Nesting Dolls

The Anne Geddes Birthdate Book and the Russian Nesting Dolls

The oinks are really cute. :)

The oinks are really cute. 🙂


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