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Dognapped: A True Story (All The Dogs We’ve Had Before…)

*I thought I have brought with me all the pictures of our dogs. I found out last night that those pictures are in the Philippines. I will edit this post again, and add the pictures once I have them 🙂

In my almost 32 years of existence, we have had 9 dogs.

Dog #1Doc (short for Doctor). My grandfather is the one who named this dog. I am not sure anymore what the significance of this name. But I remember it has something to do with, Bugs Bunny’s expression: “What’s up doc?”. Doc is a Doberman mix. I don’t know what’s the other breed. But he is reddish-brown, with docked ears and tail. I was 3-4 years old, as far as I can remember and he passed away when I was 8 years old. I don’t remember him as a puppy. I am quite unsure. I think when he was a puppy he was with my grandfather.

Doc has always been on a leash. He is a little fierce, and since he didn’t grow up with us we’re not really sure of his temperament. Except for my dad. He did not attempt to bite us or anything, I remember I used to pet him a lot. In the evening he is free to roam around our lot.

We used to have turkeys. I don’t know where my dad got the turkeys. But we had 2 or 4, young turkeys. One morning, we woke up and went outside. My mom saw turkey feathers and bones on our doorstep. They were neatly arranged. My dad assumed that it was Doc who ate the turkeys. He scolded Doc and hit him with a broom. I was sad. I don’t want Doc to get hurt, but at the same time, I understand that every wrong doing has its repercussions. Doc was crying. And I went to our bedroom and cried in there. I asked my mama to tell my dad to stop.

Then the next morning, the same thing is on our doorstep. Turkey feathers and bones neatly arranged. So my parents investigated. And realized that it is a cat-sized rat, who is the real culprit. My dad apologized to our dog. They were thinking, why would he do the exact same thing, when he just got punished. And normally, if a dog does a deed like that, it will bury the bones/evidence.

I guess my dad, just made a hasty assumption. It was pretty early in the morning like around 6:00. I hugged Doc because I was just happy that it was not him and I’m also happy that my dad apologized to our dog. Yes, you can tell a lot about a person on how they treat their pets.

Doc passed away when I was 8 years old. I got sick (my 1st Dengue Fever). And at the same time, Doc got sick too. Something with his liver. The same day I got released from the hospital, I went home to find out that he passed away in the morning. I was really sad. I saw him on our driveway, covered with a blanket. And I was told that he passed away. My dad believed that somehow he sacrificed his life for me since Dengue is quite serious. I was sad, and I was talking to his body, crying and thanking him for what he did for me and for always guarding our house and our family. My dad buried him somewhere in our yard.

Dog #2 is a Dachshund we named her Winkie Pinkie. Yep, we are heavily influenced by my sister’s love of anything Sanrio. Winkie was from my uncle. They have a Dachshund, Japanese Spitz, and a Basset Hound. When their Dachshund gave birth they gave us a puppy. Winkie lived inside the house while it was still a puppy. I love how she wakes me up in the morning, licking my face. I sleep on the floor with some Tatami-like mats. Oh how much I love that dog. She has to stay outside, though. Because my grandma came back from the States and she wants to live with us. Because my grandparents were having some issues. So she chose to live with us. We only have one bathroom and 2 bedrooms. We had 3 but we used the 3rd room as storage. I feel like Winkie was still too young to be outside. But for the sake of our grandma, Winkie has to stay outside. So there, she got sick. A lot of people in our neighborhood are not good dog-owners. So parvovirus spread in the air. So there, Winkie got infected. And it was too late. We cried in horror watching Winkie suffer. My sister, brother and my cousin who gave the puppy to us, was with us crying. It’s just the worst. So we lost her.

Dog #3Spotty (Pluto). Again, my grandfather named this dog. We got him as a puppy for Christmas from my dad’s dentist best friend, Dr. Jun. They have 2 dalmatians Bart & Maggie and Spotty is one of their babies. He is such an adorable puppy. We originally chose 2 names for him. My sister being the eldest have influenced as on what to name the dog. We first called him Troll, since Trolls were the “thing” during that time. I think it was around 1994. But thinking about it, Troll is a stupid name. Then we changed it to Pluto. Yes, we watched some Mickey Mouse when we were kids 😀 So we called him Pluto. After picking up Pluto we went to my grandfather’s house to have Christmas lunch with our grandparents, cousins, and uncles. We brought Pluto with us since we came straight from Dr. Jun’s place. My grandfather, of course, saw the puppy and asked what’s the name of the puppy. We said, Pluto. He said it doesn’t fit the dog. He said, Spot! Spotty should be his name. I was thinking, we can’t change the puppy’s name for the 3rd time. But my dad went with my grandfather. So finally, the puppy’s name is now Spotty. I was upset. I remember telling my mama, “why did our dad agreed to change the puppy’s name again, he is our puppy, not our grandfather’s”

He’s our dad. The only thing that was unsettling for me is that both names are not original. Pluto is very unoriginal and Spotty is also very common. He’s a Dalmatian. So, obviously, he has spots. I have to say, Spotty is our most memorable dog. Don’t get me wrong, I love all of our dogs. But Spotty has the most memorable story. In the Philippines, pure breed dogs are a status symbol. Since they are expensive. But as I’ve mentioned Spotty was a gift. Spotty grew to be a big but very friendly dog. As a puppy, he lived in our house. And when he started to become big, he has to stay outside. If there are other people in our house (visitors), we put him on a leash, but the majority of the time he’s free to roam because he’s just so friendly. One time, he accidentally ate rat poison and my mom was able to give him first aid right away. He was ok. 🙂 One morning, we woke up and we can’t find him anywhere. My dad, went outside to look for him. Asked our neighbors if they saw our dog. A whole day has passed and we’re still not able to find him. My dad reported to the police station that our dog is missing, he left a picture of our dog and details about him. I was really sad.

One of our neighbors who works a graveyard shift, said on her way home she saw a man petting our dog outside our gate. I guess, she didn’t find that unusual. Then we, therefore, concluded that Spotty was stolen or dognapped. My dad went to various places where they sell dogs and alerted everyone about our missing dog. My dad knows for sure that it is illegal to buy a stolen dog. My uncle (my dad’s older brother) knows some people who sell pure breed dogs and they told him that there’s a syndicate and they’re targeting pure breed dogs. They steal the dogs then sell them to rich people.

Months have passed and still no news about Spotty. We’re kind of giving up. I remember my dad, made a handmade flyer for Spotty. My dad always takes him for regular walks in the park. So I guess, he was sad too that he was stolen.

One day, my dad went home from work. And he asked my brother and I if there’s one thing that we remember about Spotty, both of us at the same time said, “he has one spot on his tail”. That spot is around the middle part of its tail. Apparently, my dad has seen a dog who looks quite similar to Spotty. It is in a different city. Like less than 1 hour from our city. He was dealing with some work papers and he has to go to an office in that city, and he chanced upon seeing that dog.

So yeah, my dad saw the dog who looks like Spotty. But this dog is bulkier and he has pierced ears. He brought the picture with him, and he checked the dog out again from outside the fence of course. And he is quite sure now, that it is our dog. He tried calling him by his name, Spotty and he responded by looking at my dad. The person who stole him, must’ve bulked him up and pierced his ear so that the real owners won’t recognize him anymore. Upon asking questions, my dad found out who owns Spotty now. He knows the family of the man who bought our stolen dog. They own a restaurant and meat processing company. They are rich. At first, the man hesitated. He didn’t want to return our dog. I think he paid a good amount of money. But my dad reminded him, that it’s illegal to buy a stolen dog. And my dad knows his parents, and he doesn’t want to go to that point where he has to sue him and all that. So, they finally reached an agreement and he’s going to return our dog.

My dad told us that we can pick Spotty up! So, we are so excited. Little did I know, that our dog changed…a lot. The next day, we brought our cousin with us and we went to get Spotty back. At first, he let us in their restaurant and he even made us eat something. He served us some Pancit Palabok (Filipino noodle dish). After eating, he was back with a massive dog leash/chain (the kind they use for Pit Bulls) and Spotty. He was different. He looks like and acts like a Pit Bull (I know, Pit Bulls are naturally nice dogs, but when they make them become fighter dogs is what I meant). He was really fierce. He growled and gnarled. And it seems like he hates kids. Because he somehow listens to my dad. We were so happy to see him because we thought we will never see him again. The man who bought him cracked a smile. I guess, he can’t help but somehow feel happy for my brother and I to see Spotty again, we were so happy. We have an open car. Like a long Jeep. He can’t be near us since he’s so close to attacking us. He was tied really near my dad, and we were at the other end of the car. We were scared. We went home. And he is alright with my mom, so it is just kids he hates. Like he goes crazy barking when he sees kids. My dad found out that there were neighborhood kids in his new home who shot our dog a bunch of times with pellet guns. That’s why he hate kids.

He also became quite hostile when he eats. Before, you can do pretty much anything you want when he eats. But when he got returned, you cannot go near his food bowl or else he will attack you. My dad thinks that he was not treated well during the time he was stolen. There might’ve been a bunch of stolen dogs in a room, and they were not fed well. So when they get to have some food, they protect that piece to survive.

I wanted so bad, to be able to pet him again, to touch him and just spend time with him like I used to before he was stolen. But it was all, impossible. He was kept on a leash pretty much most of the time because he might attack. But at night, he is free to roam. It was a hard situation. We can’t go outside when he’s not on a leash because he will maul us. He becomes so fierce when he sees kids. I prayed for him a lot. I prayed that he will change. That hopefully, he’ll remember us. He is ok with my dad, they do their regular walks in the park.

One time, my grandma, my cousins and their mother went over to our house to spend the night and hang out. Spotty’s spot was in our driveway. His bed is there and that’s where he stays. We were eating some sour fruit (kamias with some shrimp paste) at the back and my cousins’ mother went there to check out what we’re doing, now she wants to go back inside our house, but was scared of Spotty. Her kids were telling her, “Spotty is on a leash. He will not be able to bite you”. But she’s still scared.

So me, trying to be a hero, said: “Oh, don’t worry I’ll help you cross”. I’ve underestimated the length of that leash. As I was helping her pass, I got bit by our dog. He bit me on my lower right butt cheek. It was the longest few minutes of my life. He was tugging on my butt cheek, and I was frantically screaming. I don’t remember exactly who got him to stop. Everyone was around me standing in horror. My cousins were upset with their mom, because if I didn’t help her cross I would’ve not been bitten. My concern, was for my dad not to hit Spotty. Rabies, was not my concern since I am 100% sure that our dog got his anti-rabies shots. In the end, my favorite, neon pink and yellow skull shorts were torn and tattered. And I was in shock. How could he bite me?

My dad thinks that Spotty did not mean to bite me. He was meaning to do that to my cousins’ mother. Because she is new to him. But before he can reach for her, he has to go through to me. Hence, I was bitten on my right butt cheek.

While my cousins are still at our house, Spotty’s leash got shortened. I didn’t go to the doctor. Since the bite was shallow. And didn’t need any stitches, and rabies was out of the equation already. For a couple of weeks, I was scared to go near our dog since I am a bit traumatized.

Weeks and months have past and Spotty is only put on a leash when someone goes to our house. He never attempted to bite or attack anyone, but when he sees a child outside our gate he still gets annoyed and barks at them. I understand, that he must’ve been really traumatized when he was dognapped. Specially when that child throws some rocks at him. That infuriates me so much. Whenever I caught someone doing that, I am always in “Mama Bear” mode and I give that child/person a scolding-of-a-lifetime. And ask them, what if I throw rocks at you, would you like that?

We were gifted another Dalmatian puppy. This time, it’s from another friend of my dad and it’s a female puppy. I named her Bacondog #4. She was a cute and sweet puppy, and I love her. I got to name her for a change and it stuck. Bacon grew up and got pregnant. The daddy of the puppies is Spotty. They produced a couple of litters. Some of the memorable ones is Picklesdog #5 (liver-spotted).

Pickles got sick and didn’t reach a year old. I was really sad. Because it could’ve been avoided, but my parents didn’t have extra money that time, so she missed a vaccination and got sick.

Chuckie and Tiffany are puppies that belonged from the same litter (Bacon & Spotty). They are both liver-spotted. Dog #6 – Chuckie, is a big puppy. He has 2 different colored eyes and he has nice proportioned and well-distributed spots. Dog #7 – Tiffany is also liver-spotted. But her spots are fine and abundant. We named them Chuckie and Tiffany after the movie “The Bride of Chuckie”. We watched that movie together with my cousins and nephews from my mother’s side multiple times during Holy Week. Yep, we watched that movie EVERY DAY with toddlers. Only in the Philippines.

Chuckie and Tiffany were leftovers from the litter. And we were ready to absorb them. Leaving us with a total of 4 dogs. My mom finds it too much. Of course, since the bulk of the work lands on her. My sister is not interested with the dogs, only when they’re puppies. My dad, of course, provides for the dogs’ needs and he walks them. Me, I’m just very compassionate, passionate & truly care about our dogs.

One of the dudes my dad was working with during that time, got interested with Tiffany. So he bought Tiffany from my dad. I was quite surprised since Tiffany is already big. She’s not a puppy anymore. I think she’s close to being a year old when she got sold. I was sad. Because I was so settled with them being together (Chuckie & Tiffany). But I think the dude who bought Tiffany is well-off so it was rewarding to know that they will be able to take care of her. And my parents know where he lives, and saw that they are treating Tiffany well. I think they even kept the name Tiffany for her.

So we have 3 dogs: Spotty, Bacon & Chuckie.
Spotty was getting old. He developed some lymph-nodes. And he got an operation to have them removed. He also got heart-worm medication. He started to be really slow and I noticed that his nose is dry and I’ve read that, that means a dog is sick or unhealthy. My dad brought him to the vet and when he came back, Spotty was put to sleep. The heart-worm medication was not able to take care of all the worms in his heart. He was already having a hard time. He was at the back of my dad’s car covered with a burlap sack. My dad lifted him and I checked him out. I thought I will not cry. I am so sad, devastated. I stayed inside the house while my dad was digging a 5 ft. deep hole in the ground. The neighborhood kids were all watching my dad dig a hole. Most people in the Philippines I think don’t bury their dogs, some people I know they just get their dead dogs pick up by the garbage pick up people.

Spotty was well-known in our neighborhood. During that time dogs with breed are a status symbol. We’re definitely not rich, my dad has rich friends who give away pure breed puppies. 😀 But in fairness to my dad, he is a great friend. He really is! Poni and I love to call it “Ner-tworking”. 😀 Then the Dalmatian movies were really big. So when they see Spotty, they always say ”101 Dalmatians”.

Back to Spotty’s funeral. I was inside the house, looking out the window if my dad is finished digging or not. My mom went inside, and told me your dad is going to put Spotty inside the hole, do you want to see him for the last time? I said no. I was crying too much, and there were a lot of people inside I don’t want them to see me cry. I overheard my mom, telling them that I am crying inside the house and that I am really sad. I really was. It was so sad. He was a memorable pet. He got dognapped, got returned, bit me then be his old self again. But he was not able to get over the trauma he went through.

After Spotty past away we have 2 dogs in total. Bacon & Chuckie…but soon they’ll be 3.

My dad bought my grandfather a Labrador Retriever puppy for his birthday. But my grandfather didn’t want it. My dad bought the puppy, it was expensive. My mom was upset for not consulting my grandfather first and her before purchasing the puppy. We are not struggling financially but also can’t afford luxuries like that. But I understand my dad, perhaps he just wants to surprise his dad for his birthday. Since, he keeps on naming our dogs might as well give him his own dog, right? 😀 But no, he declined the puppy.

My dad brought the puppy home. And we named him Buddy (Dog #8). Yep, not creative at all. He was so cute and friendly. My dad, can’t return the puppy anymore, so we kept the puppy. Our 3 dogs are all getting along. I feel like Chuckie, took over the leader of the pack role. He’s reserved and quiet, and was a fierce guard dog but still loving. Bacon, the mama dog of some sort and Buddy the baby.

Buddy got infected with the parvovirus. Apparently, a bunch of other dogs in the neighborhood already has it. Buddy, was brought to the vet but it was too late. He suffered for a day, and past away. I was really sad. I didn’t want to see him like that. Because he was lively and friendly. I felt bad for him too, being unwanted. He was supposed to bring joy and be a companion to my grandfather since he was old. But he rejected Buddy.

Bacon eventually got pregnant twice. Chuckie is the one who got Bacon pregnant. I am not sure anymore exactly how many puppies were there. We pretty much gave the majority of them away, some got sold. I gave 2 puppies to 2 different friends and 1 puppy to our dogs’ vet. We kept one.

Years passed, and Chuckie got sick. It was also heart-worm. After a few days of being sick, Chuckie passed away in his sleep. Again, I was sad and devastated. My dad buried him this time inside our yard. It was really sad. Chuckie is reserved, but he was a great guard dog.

Around late 2008, Bacon passed away. She passed away of old age. I just met Poni that time and he didn’t get to meet her. Only in pictures. I was really sad, I noticed that she became blind before passing away. It was just really sad.

That puppy we kept is dog #9Sidney Preston. Yep, he has a 2nd name. He’s my dog I can name him whatever I want to. We call him Sidney. 🙂 Sidney, is still alive. He lives with my parents. For a while became my nephew’s mini pony. Sidney is really a nice, gentle dog. He’s not really a good guard dog. But since he’s big, he kinda looks intimidating. My mom, constantly complains that he doesn’t bark at all. But the last time, I was in the Philippines I heard him bark once. And I was like, “he still barks!”. And told my mom first thing the next day. His bark is like thunder. Really, loud and strong. It’s not a puny bark. He can bark good 🙂
He is quite old now, he’s slow, he sleeps most of the time. I can only always hope that he’ll still be there once I’m in the Philippines.

cute baby

DJ & Sidney

Last time I was with Sidney Preston

Last time I was with Sidney Preston

Recently, my parents were searching for a new dog. They got interested in a Boston Terrier puppy. But it got sold already. And have to wait till late this year for another puppy if they still want one. My mom doesn’t want a big dog. They want an easy to maintain dog. My mom was not even sure how Boston Terriers look like. I got really excited. I always look forward to a new pet. So I sent my mom, Boston Terrier pictures through iMessage. I asked her, what they will name the puppy. It was a disappointing name, that I won’t even mention.

boston terrier

I got to talk to my brother and told her about the puppy situation. We talked about what to name the future puppy. We decided on Anggus if it’ll be a boy puppy. I am not sure anymore what we came up with if it’ll be a girl puppy. But yeah, the puppy got canceled.

I know my dad was interested with a Jack Russell Terrier. Last week, I saw on FaceBook that my friend’s brother is a dog breeder and currently selling Jack Russell Terrier puppies. So I asked my mom if they’re interested. She told me, next time. Not this time. Since, my grandma recently had an accident, and they’re having some repairs done in the house. They have their hands full as of the moment.


We actually, had a serious case of  puppy fever a few weeks ago. We were so close to buying a Pomchi (Pomeranian-Chihuahua mix). It was not that expensive. It was so cute. It looks like a baby bear. Poni is not into “princess dogs” and me too. But for that dog, we’re making an exception. It was so cute. Oh, we are so close to buying that puppy!


This is the Pomchi we almost bought 😀

Here are the 2 breeds I want so bad, once I’m ready for a dog here in Germany: A corgi (Pembroke or Cardigan) or a Komondor. Poni is into scruffy dogs that will look good with a paisley bandana or an Old English Sheepdog or a Bearded Collie.




bearded collie

Poni’s choice

But yeah, bottom line is I am not yet ready for a big responsibility right now. I just purchased 2 plants earlier this month just to see if I’ll be able to break the “curse”. I don’t have a green thumb and managed to kill a bunch of cacti years ago.


My 2 babies…for now 😀

This is what Poni said: if these plants will survive in your hands, you’re ready for a dog, if the dog survives, then you are ready for a baby. 😀

To be honest, the reason why I don’t have my own dog or a baby is because I am still selfish. I am not ready for such a big responsibility. When the right time comes, it will come 😀

Those are all the dogs that my family and I have had and still have. And definitely looking forward to seeing Sidney Preston again, when I am in the Philippines.

Do you have a dog? If yes, what kind and what did you name the dog? Would love to read what you all have as a pet! 🙂

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