Christmas 2015

We usually spend Christmas or New Year up in the air, travelling to the Philippines. This year, like last year we’ve spent it here in Germany. We’re not big Christmas people. We don’t decorate, exchange gifts and all that. When I was young of course, I was really always excited.

For me Christmas means family, so once I see my parents next year, that is Christmas even if it already is not (I hope that made sense) 😀

On the 24th we went to Poni’s hometown to celebrate Christmas eve with his mom, sister and brother in law. This year we came bearing gifts 😀 And I’m happy that they liked them. It was kind of a last minute thing when we ordered them and thought that it might not arrive on time. I should’ve taken pictures! But yes, we’re quite lousy on the picture-taking.

We had lunch, then spent the night over at my mother-in-law’s. It was just something simple. We walked to the stables to check up on their horses and to also walk their beloved dog, Bronco.

We spent the night watching Container Wars and Vermisst (a German show where they search for missing family members and reuniting them). And ate some Baumkuchen. I think this was the highlight of the night, eating baumkuchen 😀 And then, in the morning we watched Problem Child! 😀 Brought back some childhood memories.

Before lunch we went back home and decided to just really relax and lounge in front of the TV. We had some “bad” lunch at McDonald’s then spent the rest of the time on the couch, Netflix-ing 😀

The weather was really nice by the way. It was really sunny and chilly 🙂

Again, I forgot to take some pictures 😀

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