What I Googled The Past Few Days

spicy noodles
I got the idea to write this post from someone on my stream. It reminded me of Casey Anthony searching for chloroform and some other incriminating things. It made me think what have I been really been googling online the past days/week. So here they are. I didn't skip any. This is really it. Yes, I am a dweeb! *These…read more
Random, TV Series

General Update

brown town
Hello, avid readers of my blog! :D :D This is just a general mash-up update of some sort. 2 weeks ago, I started with my driving lessons. I've finished the theory part that went on for a week. It was fun. Though I'm finished with the theory part, I still have to do a lot of reviewing for the test.…read more

Monday Motivation

https://youtu.be/Q-8hOKNbtxg Where do I begin with this? :D I have to say that this is one of the best movie montages EVER! :D It is motivating, funny and mind-boggling all at the same time. Dolph looks like a human Ken doll. The side by side training comparison is so good. Everything about it is so good! The Training Montage song…read more

A Savaged Pear

bite marks
This is a pretty silly and short post :D Yesterday, we've spent the whole day in our house in the woods. I should've taken photos of our house in the woods since it was really nice yesterday, but unfortunately, I have terrible tree pollen allergy yesterday. I've been sneezing the whole day, my nose dripping like a broken faucet and…read more