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New Year’s Eve

New Year!
Last year I've spent New Year's Eve in the plane, on my way to the Philippines. I think I landed an hour after midnight and have spent a good 45 minutes to an hour getting my passport stamped and waiting for my luggage at the carousel. I got picked up by my sister-in-law and the driver. It was between 1-2…read more

A Special Twitch Friend

Christmas Tree
Charles!!! I've met Charles when I just started streaming on Twitch, around June 2015. He's a really nice person and as I've gotten to know him, he is also a very good family man, a voracious gamer and a Lego collector plus more! :D I love sending and receiving snail mails. I've sent him a birthday card and a postcard…read more

Recent Random Thoughts

*Warning: This post is somehow Twitch-related; just in case you're tired of reading posts about Twitch :) I've learned one major lesson on streaming, I want to blog about it, but I chose not to go into detail about it anymore. It made me sad, tensed and stressed. But I'm happy, that I handled it the mature way and now…read more