Poni + Stallone = Pontallone Plus Our Fashion Sense


Last week, we watched The Expendables 1 for the nth time. We didn’t know what to watch, our internet was having some issues so we cannot watch TV. This is what made me write this post. Before meeting Poni, I never cared about Sylvester Stallone. I never watched any of …

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Of Basketball & Soccer A.K.A. A Bunch of Good Looking Dudes in UEFA


Intro: This post was due last week, but since some times technology fails us, my 5-page post got corrupted. It’s like days of research & blah blahs just got thrown out of the window and there’s no way salvaging any of it. I was bummed, and ready to say “f*ck …

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“Squashing The Beef” Decades After Part 1

beef squash

If you watch It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia you know what “beef squash” means 😀 As I’ve briefly mentioned in my blog post a day ago, my brother (and my sister, but on a much earlier timeline) got bullied by our neighbor’s teenage grandchildren. I think it went on for …

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